If you have a position where there are multiple candidates running for the position, ElectionBuddy has an easy way for your to input your candidates on the ballot! The "Add Multiple Candidates" button allows you to upload a list of candidates as opposed to entering the candidates into your ballot question one by one.

To add multiple candidate names to a single ballot question:

  1. Create your ballot question via the "+ Add Position or Question" button. You can just pick "2" for the number of candidates, as you will end up deleting these fields later.

  2. Copy your list of candidates from your source data (ex. from an Excel spreadsheet, a Microsoft Word document, etc.).

  3. Underneath the list of default candidates that were created when you created the ballot question, select the button "Add Multiple Candidates". This will open up a new window.

  4. In the box within the window that appeared, paste your candidates and select the button "Add Candidates."

  5. Close the window; your candidates have been generated on the ballot, and you can now delete the placeholder names that were generated when you first created the ballot question.

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