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Approve or reject a list of candidates

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ElectionBuddy is designed to be usable for the approving or disapproving of a slate.


You can set up a question for a slate by following this process:

  • Start building a new vote, and add your vote details on the "Details" page of the setup.

  • Proceed forward to the "Ballot" stage of setup, and click the "+ Add position or question" button.

  • From the window that appears, select "Yes or No". You could also use the "Referendum or Polls" option; you just want to ensure that your voting system is set to "Plurality".

  • When you choose "Yes or No", two options are auto-generated: “Yes - I approve the amendments” and “No - I reject the amendments”. You will want to change the verbiage to something along the lines of "Yes - I approve" and "No - I reject".

  • While it may seem anti-intuitive to "Abstain" on a slate of candidates — your voters will probably either approve, or reject the slate — there may be some that do not want to cast a vote either way, but can still contribute to your quorum. Leave "Allow Abstain" checked off to create an abstain option on the ballot to catch some of those extraneous votes.

  • Add your slate by selecting "Add question information", and input a list of the candidates on the slate:

  • You can also include additional information, or additional instructions, in the "Voter Instructions" box, underneath the "Settings" bar.

  • Use the rich text editor to format your text if needed.

Example Ballot

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