Variables allow you to populate information on a per-voter basis on your ballot. Additionally, they can allow you to ensure that your ballot always displays the most accurate, up-to-date information.

ElectionBuddy has default variables that can be used on the ballot, such as {{ballot_id}}, {{election_end_date}}, and so on. If you upload a CSV to create your voter list, you can also generate custom variables and include these on your ballot.

Using Variables on Your Ballot

There are five places you can add variables on your ballot:

  • Ballot Information and Instructions

  • Question Information

  • Candidate Profiles

  • Voter Instructions

  • The Confirmation Page

To add a variable, select the "Variables" box. This will show a drop-down of all the variables you can add to your ballot, which you can scroll through to select the variable(s) you want to use.

Tip: you can also type the name of the variable that you are looking for to search for it quickly and specifically!

Simply select the variable that you'd like to add, and ElectionBuddy will add the variable wherever your cursor is.

An Example:

If you would like to greet your voters when they open up their ballots, you could use the {{voter_label}} variable to populate voters' names on the ballot:

This would result in the following:

This example uses the {{voter_label}} variable to pull the data that we've included in our voter list for the Label column, and allows you to directly address your voter on the ballot!

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