ElectionBuddy allows you to email a confirmation receipt to voters who are set up to receive email notices after they submit their ballot.


You can enable the confirmation email in the "Notice" stage of your election setup, when you select the "Email notices" option:

The confirmation email is automatically sent to the voter once the voter submits their vote. The text in the confirmation email is not customizable.

Below is an example of a confirmation email — other than the bolded information and the verification code, the email will be the same as this:

Why Send a Confirmation Email to Your Voters?

Although it may not be your primary intention, emailing a confirmation receipt to your voters is an excellent way to identify unauthorized proxy voting - your voters will probably have some questions if they receive a confirmation email for a ballot that they didn't submit!

You should enable confirmation emails if:

  • You want to give your voters assurance that their ballot was submitted and recorded successfully. The verification code is presented to the voter after they've voted, as well as on this email. This is how your voters are able to confirm that their vote has not been tampered with; if it has, the verification code in this email/that they saw after voting will not be found in the list of verification codes in the "Vote Audit" page.

  • You are required by law to send a voting confirmation receipt to the voter. For example, all HOAs using electronic voting are required, by law, to send a confirmation email back to the voter to confirm that their ballot was submitted successfully.

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