You may want to use your voters' names in your election setup, whether that's to keep track of voters in your voter list, or to personalize your election notices by directly addressing a voter by name. However, your voters' names may not always be unique, and therefore could not be used as ballot IDs. Voter labels allow you to use your voters' names in your election for whatever purpose you need.

Here's what you need to know about this feature:

  • It is a searchable field in your voter list. What does that mean? If you use voter labels, you can search for your voters in the voter list of your live election using their voter label. Gone are the days of searching via email addresses that are inconvenient to remember!

  • It's optional. Don't know all your voters' names? Don't want to put your voters' names? Then don't! ElectionBuddy will continue to only require contact information about your voters for sending out election notices through ElectionBuddy.

  • It is NOT equivalent to a ballot ID. Whereas ballot IDs must be unique, voter labels do not need to be unique. Whereas ballot IDs are mandatory if running a multi-channel election (an election where you notify voters to vote using multiple notification methods), voter labels are always optional.

  • You can use whatever you'd like for your voter label. Because it is not a mandatory piece of your election setup, you have no content/formatting restrictions for your voter labels.

  • Voter labels are set up in your voter list, meaning that you can import/copy+paste them in with the rest of your voter list. With regards to organizing your voter data: the "Label" column will be required before the "Email" column in ElectionBuddy.

  • Use the {{voter_label}} tag in your Email Notice or other notices using Advanced Notice Customization in the Notice Section of Setup.

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