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Voter Options - Reporting Groups

Summarize results according to demographics in your voter population

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Summarizing results by demographics can provide valuable insights and help organizations make informed and strategic decisions by understanding the wishes of the individual groups that make up the organization. For example, if you are a national-level union, you could set up reporting groups to get results by State and Local.

Important Things to Know

  • There is a maximum of three reporting groups for a vote.

  • Each reporting group requires at least one subgroup.

  • Reporting groups require more than three voters to be added and have voted, within each of the subgroups. If the criteria are not met the full report will be obfuscated unless you have chosen Poll or Show of Hands as your Voter Anonymity Setting.

Setting Up Reporting Groups

On the Voters Page, under "Voter Options", select Reporting Groups. The Group Title text box will appear.

Enter the title of your reporting group in the text box; the page will refresh when you're finished. Add additional groups by selecting the Add Reporting Group button.

Adding Subgroups to the Voter List

For each Reporting Group you add, it will show up as a column on your Voter List. You will need to assign a subgroup for each voter and have a minimum of three voters in each subgroup to validate your voter list.

Downloading Results with Reporting Groups

On the Results Page, select the "Results Tab" and select the "Grouped Results" button. A file with your grouped results will be generated and sent to the email address associated with the account.

When using Weighted Voting, use the Export Grouped Results dropdown menu to select a Grouped Results report, either with or without weighting.

Example of Reporting Group File

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