ElectionBuddy offers three variations of Cumulative voting:

  1. Classic: Voters assign votes equal to the number of vacancies for the position

  2. Classic Variant: Voters assign votes equal to a number that you designate for all voters

  3. Multi-Voting, Dot-Voting, Split Voting: Voters assign a number of votes unique to each voter.


On your ballot question, switch the default voting system to Cumulative


ElectionBuddy defaults cumulative questions to classic.

Multi-Voting, Dot-Voting, Split-Voting

Switch the default to Cumulative votes in the voter list, and the number of votes each voter can cast, will be assigned in the voter list that uploaded on the Voters Page.

If this type of cumulative voting is selected, your voter list will automatically provide a "Cumulative Votes" column. Your voter list will not pass validation if all voters do not have a designated number of cumulative votes.

Vote Assignment Requirement

You can require voters to assign all of their allocated votes, or a portion of them.


Voters assign the votes they are allocated between choices by using the "+" and "-" buttons to the right of each choice, or by entering the number of votes in the middle box. The number of votes that have been assigned are indicated at the bottom of the list of choices.

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