Importing Your Voter List

Adding your voter list by uploading a CSV file with voter information

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No matter the size of your organization, you may keep your voter's contact information in a spreadsheet for easy management, updates, and organization. Adding your voter information by CSV file provides a quick and efficient way to import the voter's contact information into ElectionBuddy and minimizes typographical error from manual entry.

Getting Started with CSV Upload

Your CSV does not have to have specific columns but does require column headings. You can upload a CSV with different columns and then map directly in ElectionBuddy which columns you'd like to use for the information required for your vote.

To help, while not required, you can choose to download a CSV template from ElectionBuddy before starting. This will provide you with a file that has the columns directly related to your setup in ElectionBuddy. This template can be opened in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. To access the CSV template, select the orange link "CSV template".

Uploading Your File

  • Under Voter Information, select the option to "Import from a CSV file"

  • Under Import Settings, select the "Choose File" button to locate the CSV file on your device.

  • Once the file has been chosen, select the "Upload" button.

Mapping Columns and Importing

  • Once your file is uploaded, ElectionBuddy will tell you what information is required for the vote based on the setup.

  • Use the drop-down menus next to each item to tell ElectionBuddy which columns in your CSV file contains the required information.

  • In the below example, the vote is set up to require Ballot IDs, Voter Lables, and Email Addresses for each voter.

  • After you have mapped the columns, select the "Import" button.

  • After importing, ElectionBuddy automatically Validates your list.

    • If there are no errors, you will see a green "Everything looks good!" message and can proceed with the rest of your vote setup.

    • If there are errors, they will be highlighted in red, and ElectionBuddy will tell you what the issue is in the "Errors" column. For help with correcting errors, please see Validating Your Voter List.

If you are having issues with errors, please see Formatting Your Information. You can also try Copying and Pasting Your Voter List From a Spreadsheet.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

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