One way to add your voters is to use the CSV upload. Your CSV does not have to have specific columns โ€” you can upload a CSV with various columns and then tell ElectionBuddy which columns you'd like to use for the required voter information for your vote.

You can also choose to download a CSV template from ElectionBuddy before starting. This will provide you with a CSV file that has the columns directly related to your setup in ElectionBuddy. This template can be opened in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. To access the CSV template, select the link "CSV template" as per the red box in the image below:

Note: You do not have to use this template, as ElectionBuddy will allow you to map any of the columns in a file you may already have. But, if this is your first time using ElectionBuddy and you're not sure where to start, this CSV template may be beneficial to you!

Uploading Your File

  1. Select "Import from a CSV file"

  2. Select the "Choose File" option to select your CSV file.

  3. Select the "Upload" button.

Mapping Your Columns and Importing

  1. Once your file is uploaded, ElectionBuddy will tell you the information that it needs and will ask you to tell it which of the columns in your CSV contains the information it is looking for. In the following example, the vote is set up to require a ballot ID, a label, and an email address per voter:

    1. Use the drop-down menus for each row to select the data you want to use from your CSV for that particular voter list column. All of the rows must have data assigned to them in order for you to proceed.

    2. Once you've selected the data you want to use, click the "Import" button.

  2. Upon importing, ElectionBuddy also simultaneously validates your list.

    1. If there are no errors, ElectionBuddy will give you a green "Everything looks good!" message.

    2. If there are errors, they will be highlighted in red, and ElectionBuddy will tell you what the issue is in an "Errors" column:

  3. Once you get the green "Everything looks good!" message, proceed forward with the rest of your vote setup.

If you are having issues with errors, please try copying and pasting your voter information into ElectionBuddy.

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