Payment for your election is not required until you are ready to start your election. Payments can be made via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, and are all securely handled by our payment processing software, Stripe. ElectionBuddy does not store your credit card or debit card details.

Answers to Common Payment Questions

  1. When do I pay for my vote or election?
    You will be asked to pay for your election after you have completed your setup. Test votes of less than 5 voters are free. The pricing and payment information is confirmed on the review page as per the example below

  2. The price is not what I expected, how can I determine the reasons for the price charged? For example, I only have 40 voters but I am being charged $89.00.
    You can get pricing details related to your voting setup by selecting "Not the price you thought" as per the example above, and the specific features that determine the price will be detailed along with suggestions to reduce the cost as per the example below.

  3. Can I issue a PO to start the payment process?
    To keep our administration costs low and pass the savings on to our customers so they can keep their costs low,, we only accept POs annual plans or service agreements greater than $3,000.00.

  4. Can I store a credit card on file for future elections?
    Yes. The most recent card that you use to make a payment is the card that goes on file for your account automatically, so you don't have to continually re-enter your details. When you have a card on file, you will see a banner across the top of the payment screen that asks you if you'd like to use that card for payment.

  5. The credit card or debit card on file is out-of-date, how do I update my information?
    Simply make a payment with the new card that you'd like to put on file, and the card on file data will automatically be updated with the new card details.

  6. I have a coupon code, how do I use it?
    To use a coupon code, please enter it into the "Coupon" field prior to making your payment. After you have entered the coupon code into the field, click "Apply" — if entered correctly, you should see your election cost adjust accordingly. Once the pricing has been adjusted with the coupon, you are safe to continue making your payment.

  7. My credit card was declined, but I know it has the correct amount of funds on it. Why is this happening?
    When lack of funds is not an issue, we most commonly see credit cards get declined because the cardholder's financial institution stops the transaction for fear that the payment is fraudulent. ElectionBuddy is a North American company, so your card is more likely to get declined if you do not live in North America because it would be considered a foreign transaction, which are more likely to be considered suspicious. Calling the financial institution that issued you your card should clear up the decline!

  8. Can I edit my election after I've paid?
    If your election has been scheduled to start in the future (and therefore will not go live immediately after payment), the election can be edited. However, this does refund your payment.

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