Spoiling a ballot is used to:

  • Delete a submitted ballot and remove it from the results of the vote

  • Remove an access key before a voter has submitted their ballot

Spoiling a ballot is useful when:

  • You mistakenly added a member to your voter list who isn't actually eligible to vote

  • A voter becomes ineligible to vote (e.g., they leave your organization during the vote)

Important Things to Know

Once a ballot is spoiled, it can't be unspoiled or reactivated.

Spoiling a Ballot

To spoil a ballot:

  • Go to the Results page

  • Search for the ballot you want to spoil by:

    • reviewing the voter list

    • searching with the voter's email address, mobile phone number, or ballot identifier

  • Select the box next to the appropriate voter

  • Select Spoil Ballot from the Actions dropdown menu:

  • The Spoil Ballot window will open; enter your reason for spoiling the ballot in the Reason text box:

  • Select Spoil to spoil the ballot

Audit Trail for Spoiled Ballots

To maintain the integrity of your vote, spoiled ballots are marked as spoiled on the voter list to provide an audit trail in your results.

Disqualify, Revote, Void

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