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Adding Voters after a Vote has Started
Adding Voters after a Vote has Started

How to add new voters to a live vote

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Due to a number of reasons such as registration errors or late registration, you may need to add new voters while a vote is running. It's essential to handle these situations transparently and carefully to maintain the integrity of the voting process and ensure all eligible voters can cast their ballots.

For votes that are Tests, or fall within the Free or Plus pricing tier, voters can be added after the vote has started from the Results Page. For our Premium plan, access keys for voters must be reserved in advance to add voters after the vote is started.

From the Results page, select Add Voters from the Actions menu.

If you had reserved Access Keys during setup, you will see a table of records awaiting the input of your voters. If you have not reserved in advance, and your vote is on the Plus plan, you will need to reserve additional Access Keys at this point. If this option is not available please Contact Us.

Reserve an Access Key for each voter you'd like to add. You are limited to the number of voters you can add based on your pricing plan.

Enter the voter information for each voter you would like to add. Once added to the table, validation is required before you can save and update your voter list.

Once you have added the voter, you will see the voter at the top of your voter list. When using electronic notice delivery (i.e., Email or SMS), the notice will be sent out automatically.

ElectionBuddy also tracks how many voter ballots have been added and displays this information at the top of the results page. For votes that allow voters access to the vote results, the number of ballots added after the vote started is also displayed to voters.

Need more voters than your plan provides?

If you have not pre-reserved voter Access Keys in our premium pricing plans or need more voters than your current pricing plan provides, please contact us.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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