Voters may join your organization and become eligible to vote after your election has started. You can add them to your voter list using the extra access keys you added on the Voters page of your election setup.

Additional access keys can't be added when your election is running. If you need to add voters after your election starts, but don't have extra access keys, please see Adding Voters During a Running Election Without Access Keys.

Using Reserved Keys to Add Voters to the Voter List After the Election has Started

To add voters to your election:

  • go to your Results page

  • select Add Extra Voters from the Actions dropdown menu:

  • the Add Extra Voters window will open; add the necessary information for one or more voters:

  • select Validate

  • select Save and Exit to save your changes

ElectionBuddy will send notices to the new voters (if you're using email, SMS, or postal notices) as soon as they're successfully added.

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