When your voters have an Undeliverable status on the voter list, on the Results page, it means an email or SMS notice couldn't be delivered and we received a "bounce-back" message from our email and SMS providers. If the Undeliverable status was due to a voter's contact information being incorrect, you can edit it and ElectionBuddy will resend their notice to the updated contact information.

Important Things to Know

Important things to know about editing a voter's contact information during your vote include:

  • You can only edit a voter's contact information twice

  • ElectionBuddy logs all edits to a voter's contact information, which provides you with an audit trail and helps maintain the integrity of your vote

  • If you have surfaced or downloaded voter access keys, you are unable to update the voter's contact information. For more information please see Surfacing and sharing the voter's access key

Editing a Voter's Contact Information

  • Open the Voters Tab on the Results page

  • Select the voter you want to edit, and an Actions menu will open

  • Choose Edit Voter and the Edit Voter page will open

  • Update the voter's information in the table cells

  • Enter a reason for the edit

  • Validate the new data

  • Click Update and Exit when ready to submit updates

  • A new notice will be sent to the voter at the new contact information provided

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