One of the most common issues we hear about from administrators is having only one or two voters out of their entire voter list that, for whatever reason, need a paper ballot. This can also be due to some organizations' bylaws: in some instances, a voter may request a paper ballot at any point during the voting period, even if they have already received an electronic ballot. We now offer the ability to print a single ballot for a voter at any time while the election is live.

Any voters whose ballot you print out appear in the voter list with the "Ballot Printed" voter status.

To print a ballot for a voter:

  1. Log into your ElectionBuddy account and click on the name of the election containing the voter in question to be brought to that election's "Results" page.

  2. Locate the specific voter you want to print a ballot for by searching for them in the Voter List.

  3. Check the checkbox associated with that voter.

  4. From the drop-down list of options that appear, choose "Print Ballot".

This will create a PDF in a new browser tab for you to download and print. You will be required to deliver the ballot to your voter and receive the ballot back from that voter.

The ballot does not come with a notice to vote. If you would like to also have the option to print a notice for this voter and include it in the voting materials you will be providing, please set up your election using Printed Notices. Alternatively, you can create a notice for your voter yourself using a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

To submit the ballot for a voter, please refer to Submitting Paper Ballots

Additional Things to Note

The submitted ballot cannot be changed, so please ensure that you have replicated your voters' choices exactly as they appear on the paper ballot.

We strongly encourage election administrators to hold onto any paper ballots that are used in their elections in the event that there is an election challenge.

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