There is a way to send a vote-wide reminder to all your voters, as well as a way to send an individual reminder to a single voter.

To send a reminder to a single voter:

  1. In your live (running) vote, go to your "Voter List and Status" page.

  2. Search for your voter in the search bar (you can also manually look through your list, but if you already know their email or ballot ID, it's faster to search)

  3. The voter will have a small checkbox next to their ID. Check that box; a drop-down menu should appear:

  4. Select "Send a reminder" from that drop-down list:

5. A window will open, allowing you to edit the reminder, then click "Send".

Not seeing the option to send a reminder? Your vote may not qualify for reminders based on the price you paid for your vote. Please see our pricing page for more details.

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