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Sending a Reminder to a Single Voter on Your Voter List
Sending a Reminder to a Single Voter on Your Voter List

Send individual reminders

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To some, meeting a quorum is important and one of the ways that ElectionBuddy helps you to do so would be with reminders to your voter base.

You have the option to send a vote-wide reminder to all your voters, as well as to send an individual reminder to a single voter. To send a reminder to a single voter:

  • In your live (running) vote, go to your "Voter List and Status" page.

  • Search for your voter in the search bar (you can also manually look through your list, but if you already know their email or ballot ID, it's faster to search)

  • The voter will have a small checkbox next to their ID. Check that box; a drop-down menu should appear:

  • Select "Send a reminder" from that drop-down list:

  • A window will open, allowing you to edit the reminder, then click "Send".

Not seeing the option to send a reminder? Your vote may not qualify for reminders based on the price you paid for your vote. Please see our pricing page for more details.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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