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Voter List - "Undeliverable" Voter Status
Voter List - "Undeliverable" Voter Status
Determine why a notice is undeliverable
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During your vote, a voter on your voter list on the Results page may be tagged with an Undeliverable status, which means:

  • an email or SMS notice couldn't be delivered

  • we received a "bounce-back" message from our email and SMS providers

Determining Why a Notice is Undeliverable

The most common causes for an undeliverable email or SMS notice include:

  • the email address or mobile phone number is incorrect

  • the email or mobile phone number was caught by the recipient's spam filter

  • the recipient's inbox is full

To determine why a notice is undeliverable:

  • go to the Results page

  • go to the Voters tab

  • select All/None or Undeliverable from the All Statuses dropdown menu

  • select the box next to the voter whose status you want to investigate

  • select Undeliverable History from the Actions dropdown menu:

  • the Undeliverable Messages window will open; the bounce-back message will be displayed:

Resending a Notice to a Voter

Before you resend a notice to a voter, contact them to confirm:

  • their contact information is correct

  • the notice isn't in their spam/junk folder:

Your voter's response determines how to resend their notice:

ElectionBuddy doesn't send reminders or notices to an email address or mobile phone number with deliverability issues and has been tagged with the Undeliverable status, as it increases the risk our company may be flagged as exhibiting spam-like behaviors. However, we will resend the notice to the voter if their email address or mobile phone number is changed.

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