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Unsubscribing from Electronic Notices
Unsubscribing from Electronic Notices

When voters unsubscribe from email or SMS notices

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To stay compliant with best practices for spam management policies, we allow voters to unsubscribe from both of our electronic notification types: emails and SMS messages.

This is what an unsubscribed voter looks like in your voter list:

The impacts of unsubscribing are different for each type of notice. This is because we directly control our email server, whereas the SMS technology we use is provided to us by a third party.

In both cases, unsubscribing does not take away a voter's ability to vote; it just means that they cannot receive any further notifications from Electionbuddy via the communication method they've unsubscribed from. Unsubscribing cannot be undone.

Unsubscribing from Email Notices

Voters can unsubscribe themselves. All email messages come with a link at the bottom of the message for unsubscribing. This link will say "Unsubscribe"; clicking it unsubscribes the voter.

Alternatively, at the request of a voter, administrators can manually unsubscribe voters:

  • Locate the voter in the voter list of your running vote (on the "Results" page of your vote setup).

  • Check the checkbox associated with that specific voter.

  • From the drop-down list of options that appear, choose "Unsubscribe".


When a voter unsubscribes from an email from ElectionBuddy, they are unsubscribed from receiving further notifications from ElectionBuddy for all votes in the future. So, if you add the voter to a different vote than the one they unsubscribed from, they will not receive emails from that different vote.

Unsubscribing from SMS Notices

Only voters can unsubscribe themselves from SMS messages. To unsubscribe, a voter must send a text message stating "Unsubscribe" in reply to an SMS message from Electionbuddy.


If a voter replies to an SMS notice with "Unsubscribe", they will no longer receive any text messages from our sending SMS number. This would be beyond just preventing the voter from receiving SMS notifications from any vote under that specific administrator's account. It would be a site-wide impact; the voter would not receive any text message notifications from any vote on our site, as long as our SMS sending number stays the same.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

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