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Results and Reports - Viewing and Exporting

Downloading reports after your vote has ended

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On the Results page of your ready, running, or completed votes, ElectionBuddy provides 6 sets of information. The Voters, Vote by Vote, and Admin Audit tabs are only accessible to ElectionBuddy administrators. All other tabs can be made available to voters.


The Voters Tab is used to manage the voter list during a running vote. A status is shown for each voter along with details on any changes or events associated with the voter.

The downloadable Voter report provides more data fields regarding the voters than shown online. IP addresses for any voter that has cast a vote are also available in the downloaded report.

The Status and Notice Type menus help filter voters for whom you may wish to send additional reminders or communications outside of ElectionBuddy.


Depending on your settings, administrators may or may not be able to view this tab while the vote is running. However, the results will always be available to administrators after the vote has ended.

ElectionBuddy's reported winners may not always meet your organization's requirements. If your organization needs to take into account quorum or threshold requirements unique to your organization, additional review, and calculation of the votes may be required.

We recommend not sharing the results with voters if your results must be reviewed before they are considered official. When results are shared with voters, they are able to access this tab if they return to their ballot after the vote ends.

Graphed Results

A visual representation of the results is provided on the Graphed Results tab. Each graph can be downloaded individually.

For votes using the preferential or STV tally methods, there is a unique graph per round, showing how the votes changed as choices are eliminated and votes are re-distributed.

Vote by Vote

When a Secret Ballot has been selected for Voter Anonymity, the "Vote by Vote" is a randomized list of all the ballots submitted in your vote, and the votes cast on each ballot. The randomization is also different for each question on the ballot. The randomization ensures votes cannot be traced to voters based on the order in which ballots were cast.

Combine the votes from this report with votes on paper ballots that have not been entered into ElectionBuddy to obtain final results for hybrid elections.

Voter Audit

The contents of this tab allow voters to verify their votes after they've been cast.

Each voter receives a confirmation code after submitting their ballot. This code will appear on the Voter Audit report. The voter can confirm that their vote has not been altered when found on this report.

The report will also indicate if a key was surfaced by the administrator and if any of the submitted ballots were spoiled.

Admin Audit

The Admin Audit provides information on events and activities that have taken place during a running vote. This report is an important part of measuring the integrity of a vote when an audit is requested.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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