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Combining Write-in Candidates in Your Results
Combining Write-in Candidates in Your Results

When write-ins are not identical but refer to the same person

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Allowing write-ins is a great way to truly reflect the will of your voters, and encourage voter participation. It is important that your voters have accurate representation and results that reflect their choices, regardless of whether they voted for a candidate via write-in or official nomination. That is why ElectionBuddy has features in place to ensure that a candidate's support is not divided between an official nomination and any write-in votes they receive.

ElectionBuddy automatically combines write-ins and nominees when the names are identical. If the names are not identical but refer to the same person, administrators can combine the names manually.

If you combine your write-ins or nominees before you export results, the report will reflect the adjusted tally.

In the example below, a write-in vote has been cast for John Smith and Dr. John Smith. Both entries refer to the same person. On the Results Page, combine the entries by selecting and dragging one entry over the other.

ElectionBuddy automatically re-tallies the results after names are combined.

If you accidentally combine the wrong names, select the link symbol next to the combined candidate name, and the entries will be separated.

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