Thank you for your interest in ElectionBuddy's Ballot Translation project! If you are interested in providing a translation for a language that we do not currently have on ElectionBuddy please contact us at

If you simply want to supplement our default instructions, instead of providing a full translation, please see Running Votes in a Non-English Language.

Getting Started

After you have made a request to provide translations, we will send you an invitation from a program called Phrase, which we use to manage our customer-provided translations. Your invitation will come from

After you receive your invitation, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the link in the email invitation to create a Phrase account:

  2. Log into your account and select "ElectionBuddy".

  3. Under the heading "Project", select "electionbuddy":

  4. From the Overview page, select "Locales" from the top menu:

  5. Select the language for which you will provide translations. It will be the language that is not disabled for selection.

Entering Translations

Once you choose your language, you will see a list of phrases that need translations on the left side of the screen. For each phrase in the list, you can update it in 3 steps.

  1. Select a phrase from the list of phrases

  2. Read the phrase to be translated

  3. Enter the translation for the phrase, click SAVE, click VERIFY

If a translation already exists, and can be improved, you may enter the improved translation and click SAVE and VERIFY to update.

Translation Status

A successfully submitted translation will appear as unverified or translated. If you are unsure of a translation, you may leave it as unverified for a subsequent translator to change or improve upon the translation.


Some phrases will have what are called placeholders. Green Placeholders will appear in the phrase to be translated, and values will be inserted by the ElectionBuddy application, and do not need a translation.

These placeholders appears inside % {....} in the text area for entering translations, and should not be removed. You can however, shift the location of the placeholders in your translated phrase if required.

Finished Translation

Once all translations are completed, contact us via chat, or send an email to We will review the translations and incorporate into our application if there are no issues found.

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