ElectionBuddy offers a Voting Groups feature.

The Voting Groups feature is used to assign a voter to a group, then assign groups to certain questions on a ballot. Voters only see the questions they're allowed to vote on, so you can include all your questions on one ballot.

Voting groups are useful for any organization that has more than one membership category, like K-12 schools or universities. As an example, a student council vote is being held at a high school with grades 10-12. Four questions are being voted on.

Each grade will be classified as a voting group:

  • Grade 10

  • Grade 11

  • Grade 12

Voters in all grades will vote on one question, but the other three questions can only be voted on by voters in certain grades:

  • President - all students vote on this question

  • Grade 10 Representative - only grade 10 students vote on this question

  • Grade 11 Representative - only grade 11 students vote on this question

  • Grade 12 Representative - only grade 12 students vote on this question

Each student's ballot will show only two questions:

  • President

  • Their grade's Representative

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