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Adding Multiple Questions on a Ballot
Adding Multiple Questions on a Ballot

Vote for multiple items on the same ballot

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You can add multiple positions and or questions on the same ballot. This is great if you would like your voters to cast their votes on multiple positions and questions at the same time.

To add additional questions, you will need to:

  • Select the "+ Add position or question" button which can be found below your previous question.

  • Select the question or position type and select create.

When you have multiple questions you have the option of sorting them. To sort your questions:

  • Select the “Sort Questions” button.

  • Drag your questions in the order you would like.

  • When you are happy with the order, select Stop Sorting to return to the ballot questions.

We recommend previewing and testing your ballot to make sure you are happy with the setup.

To preview your ballot select the "Preview Ballot" button, this can be found at the top of the Ballot page.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of your screen.

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