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Ballot Design - Attaching a File to Positions or Questions
Ballot Design - Attaching a File to Positions or Questions

Add a file or additional information to a ballot item

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To provide voters with additional information, ElectionBuddy allows you to add additional text or add an attachment of a single file to each Ballot Question or Position. The file type can be JPEG, PNG, or PDF, and up to 5MB in size.


From the Ballot Page, during vote setup, locate the position/question the file needs to be attached. Select the Paper Icon located on the right-hand side of the question/position.

In Question Details, select "Choose File" and upload the document or picture.

Alternatively, you can add text to the text box provided. When the Question Details screen opens, enter descriptive text, including information specific to your vote setup via the variables function.

Be sure to click “Save”!

Preview and Live

Your question details and image will appear above the voting directions and choices on your ballot question.

You can view how the ballot will show voters by clicking the "Preview Ballot" button located in the top right of the Ballot Page

For additional information on Ballot Design, please visit our support section on Ballots

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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