When the election is in the "Running" stage, it is limited as to what can be edited and are unable to change any of the positions, candidates, or question information for the ballot as;

  • We want to ensure that you have the fairest election possible. If candidate information is changed, the voters who have already voted may want to change their information.

  • Some changes to the election details may influence the outcome of the election and jeopardize the election integrity

That being said, we have some suggestions as a fix to this issue:


  • Send an email to all of the voters stating the updated information. If it's a small detail, people who have already voted likely won't mind. You cannot use an ElectionBuddy reminder to send this email, because reminders only go to those who haven't voted.

  • Rerun the election. We can refund you 50% of your first election cost if you want a "do-over" of your election, as long as it is, in fact, the same election. Generally, this would be a better option if the details you want to change (such as candidate names or bios) could influence the outcome of the election.

  • We can check with the developers to see if they can update this information for you, but there will be an additional cost at a minimum of $99.00, as this has to be done by our team and it takes our time. Specifically, we check logs and update your changes within ElectionBuddy to ensure election integrity. And with these edits the risk of an election challenge increases, which will require our further involvement.

If you still want us to edit, please reach out to our Success team so they can review what options may be available.

For additional information please see our article on Editing Your Election when the Election is "Ready to Run", or is "Running"

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