Validating Your Voter List
Ensuring the voter list is formatted for use with ElectionBuddy
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Prior to adding your voter list, ensure that your voter information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are formatted for use by ElectionBuddy. For formatting tips, check out Voter List - Formatting Your Information.

This article will outline two ways on how to validate the voter list and find the errors as the process is a little different depending on how you added your voter list.

Validating a voter list that has been added by copying from a spreadsheet or typing.

  1. Validate the data within the list by selecting the "Validate List" button.

  2. If the errors are within the first 40 rows, they will be highlighted in red. Double click the cell and edit the information in the cell to fix it.

  3. If you encounter errors and your list has greater than 40 rows, download the voter list using your preferred spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers). The CSV file will contain the errors and explanations to help you correct the voter list. Edit your list directly in the spreadsheet and copy and paste the list back into ElectionBuddy.

  4. Select the "Validate List" button again.

  5. If you get the "Everything looks good!" message, you may continue with the rest of your election setup.

Validating a voter list that has been added by uploading a CSV file

  1. ElectionBuddy simultaneously validates the list once the Import button has been selected.

  2. The rows that have errors are highlighted in red and ElectionBuddy automatically creates an Errors Column that provides an explanation of the errors. Pro-tip, you can use the Errors drop-down menu to view all of the rows that have an error.

  3. If you have more than 10 errors, we recommend downloading the voter list and fixing them directly in a spreadsheet. If you have under 10 errors, fix each error by selecting the cell, and editing the information.

  4. After correcting the errors, validate the updated voter list by selecting the Validate button.

  5. If there are no errors, an “Everything looks good” message will appear and you may continue with the rest of your election setup.

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