Enjoy shared management in your ElectionBuddy account! All ElectionBuddy organizations are provided with the ability to add 1 additional administrator.

Additional Administrators have the same election creation and editing permissions as the owner of the organization.

Adding Administrator to Organizations

From your personal menu, select Organizations to view your list of organizations. Select the Edit button next to the organization to access your Users List.

Users List

All organizations will display the owner of the organization. You will be the owner of any organization that you have created.

Select +Add Users to add a new Administrator.

If you would like more than 1 additional user, please contact us to upgrade your plan.

Add Administrator

Both Election and Organization administrators have the same create, edit and management permissions. However, organization administrators are able to add and remove other administrators in the organization.

For administrators that already have an ElectionBuddy account, they will be able to access your organization the next time they log in. Administrators that are new to ElectionBuddy will receive email instructions on how to create a password and log into ElectionBuddy.

User status

Users that are new to ElectionBuddy, will appear as unconfirmed until they verify their account and create a password.

Changing Roles

To change the role of a specific user in your organization, remove the user and re-add with the role you would like them to have.

Leaving an Organization

If you have been added to an organization and wish to leave. You cannot use the Remove functionality from the user table. You will need to leave the organization from the organization list instead.

Need more than 1 additional administrator?

Two or more additional administrators are available in our Annual Plan (starting at $599). If you are interested in learning more about ElectionBuddy's Annual Plans, please contact us and one of our Election Experts would be happy to help.

Too expensive? No worries, we have a workaround for you!

Alternatively, we would recommend creating or updating your ElectionBuddy account under a general email domain, such as "elections@yourdomain.com", and provide the login credentials to individuals at your organization who you have deemed are eligible to create elections. You are also able to change the password of the account at any time.

Additional information on how to change your email address can be found in our article on Updating or Changing Your Account Information.

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