User Roles and Permissions
Control if users can create elections, change organization settings, and more...
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Sometimes you don't want your entire team to have access to everything within ElectionBuddy — that's why we've made it easy to give certain members of your team access to certain data and features through three user roles:

User Roles & Permissions

User roles provide management of the following areas in ElectionBuddy.

Owner &

Organization Admin

Election Admin




  • Manage payment methods

  • View billing plan details


  • Add/remove orgs

  • Edit org details

  • Edit org Meeting Page


  • Add/remove users

  • Change user roles


  • Add/remove elections

  • Edit vote details/settings

  • Pay for elections

  • Edit voter information

Live Voting

  • View voting progress

  • View voter information/

    voting status

  • Access voter credentials

  • Input Paper Ballots


  • View & download vote results

  • View & download voter reports

Organization Administrator

The organization administrator can edit an organization's details:

View during a running vote:

After the vote:

Election Administrator

The election administrator has access similar to an organization administrator but lacks the ability to edit payment methods, organizations, or other administrators:

During a live vote:

After the vote:

Vote Monitor

During a running vote, the vote monitor can only access the Results page of the vote. They can set up a kiosk, enter paper ballots, test the ballot, and view/share the progress widget. Voter monitors can also surface access keys or print ballots for voters.

After the vote closes, the vote monitor is able to download the results or send the results to voters from ElectionBuddy.

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