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Election Setup - Review and Payment
Payment - "Not the Price You Thought?"
Payment - "Not the Price You Thought?"
When your payment due is more than expected
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Once your vote setup has been completed, the payment due will populate on the Review page.

The price may be higher than expected if:

  • your number of eligible voters has increased, moving it into a higher pricing tier

  • you've selected one or more features from a higher pricing tier

  • you have a contract with ElectionBuddy and the features enabled fall outside of the plan

To see your pricing details, select "Not the price you thought?" next to the Payment Due message:

The screen will expand to show your pricing details, the current voter count (if higher than 20), and any paid features you've used in your setup:

Select 'Edit' next to the features you want to remove and you will be taken to the appropriate page of the setup to remove these features.

Navigate back to the Review page to see the updated payment due.

If you have a contract with ElectionBuddy, such as an annual plan, you might receive the following message. This means there are features enabled that fall outside ofyour plan. Please contact us if you think this is a mistake.

You can now proceed to payment and begin your vote!

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