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Ensure you create the best vote experience by testing the ballot
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When you arrive at the Review Page, the first task is to Test the Ballot.

The aim is to run through the ballot from the perspective of your voters to ensure a successful voting experience. Your choices are not recorded - it is purely a simulation to ensure the ballot works.

This is an important step as it helps ensure:

  • The ballot is easy to understand

  • The information and instructions are presented properly

  • The question order is correct

  • The question criteria and settings are working as expected

  • The ballot works to the rules and bylaws of the organization

  • The ballot review and confirmation text is accurate

Selecting, 'Test' will take you to the first question on the ballot. You will now notice a red banner at the top of the screen.

The top left link, "Ballot Design" will take you to the Ballot Page should you find anything in the voting experience you wish to add or change.

The top right link, "Exit Test - Go to Review" stops the test. This will take you back to the Review Page and the test vote task remains incomplete. You will be required to return and complete at a later time.

The ballot test follows 3 stages:

  1. Ballot

  2. Review

  3. Confirmation


Once you have made choices for all the questions, select "Continue". If any choices are incorrect and breach the question settings (for example, you may have stipulated that a certain number of choices be selected), ElectionBuddy will ask you to choose based on the parameters set.

Please note that this is a simulation only, none of your choices will be recorded.


ElectionBuddy moves you to the Review stage and you will see a summary of your choices. This is an important step as it asks the voter to verify their choices.

Again, please note that you're in a simulation of the vote and none of these choices are recorded.

At this point, the voter can go back and edit their choices by selecting 'Edit' if they have changed their mind or made a mistake. This basically takes you back to the ballot. Or you can simply proceed by selecting 'Submit'.


This last page confirms the vote has been submitted. You are at the end of the Ballot Test, however, here are three options at the top of the page:

  1. Have others test

  2. Edit the ballot

  3. Continue with review

  • Have Others Test - This allows you to invite via email other people to test the ballot. It does not start your test election! Simply enter up to five email addresses and they will be able to run through the exact same test that you are running through. The email that your testers will receive is not the same as the email notice your voters will receive in your real vote. It simply informs them of what you're trying to accomplish and includes a link to your ballot.

  • Edit the ballot - if there is something you wish to change regarding the confirmation text, you can select edit the ballot and this will take you to the Ballot Page and allow you to make changes to the ballot design.

  • Continue with review - if you are happy with the voting experience choose this link and you will go back to the Review Page with the 'Test Ballot' now checked off and can proceed to complete the remaining items.

    Errors on your ballot must be corrected. 

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