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Sample Ballot Questions - Professional Associations
Sample Ballot Questions - Professional Associations
Common Ballot Items - Professional and Industry Associations
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ElectionBuddy is the easiest voting solution for Professional, Medical, or any Industry Association. Unify your decision making and get everyone engaged using one voting platform.

The team at ElectionBuddy has compiled the following example questions to assist with your vote setup. We encourage you to refer to the organization's voting rules to ensure you use the appropriate voting method and verbiage.

Board Election

Voters choose the number of candidates based on vacancies. The candidates with the most votes win.

Bylaw Amendments

Voters approve or reject a bylaw amendment by reviewing an attached document or summary.

Member Awards

Voters review the nominees and select one member. The member with the most votes wins!

These are just a few of the ballot types you can create when using ElectionBuddy for your next vote. For more examples please see Ballot Samples.

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