Allowing Write-Ins

Write-ins allow voters to submit their own choices outside of the candidates or options that have been added by the administrator. The number of write-ins that are allowed on each ballot depends on the number of candidates that can be voted for. For example, in the ballot below, because only one candidate can be voted for, only one write-in is allowed:

To allow voters to submit write-in candidates: 

  • In your "Ballot" stage of setup, create the ballot question you'd like to allow a write-in on
    • Click the "+ Add Position or Question" button
    • Choose the type of question you need from the window that appears - it will just need to be a plurality-type question so that way you can set the number of vacancies (the number of candidates that can be voted for).
  • Enable the "Allow Write-ins" option to allow voters to submit write-in candidates.

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