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Election Setup - Ballot Page
Election Setup - Ballot Page

Creating the Ballot for your vote

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Ballot Page OverviewSetting up the ballot
Sample Ballot QuestionsElectionBuddy can be used for a variety of ballots
Sample Ballot Questions - UnionCommon ballot items - Unions
Sample Ballot Questions - Homeowner's AssociationsCommon ballot questions for an HOA
Sample Ballot Questions - Religious OrganizationsCommon ballot items - Churches and Religious Organizations
Sample Ballot Questions - Colleges and UniversitiesCommon ballot items - Colleges and Universities
Sample Ballot Questions - Professional AssociationsCommon Ballot Items - Professional and Industry Associations
Choosing the Right Voting SystemAn overview of plurality, approval, cumulative, preferential and scored voting
Ballot Information and InstructionsInclude addtional details on your ballot for voters to see
Candidate Profiles and PhotosInclude candidate biographies, statements and qualifications
Ballot Question SettingsDisplace ballot choices in random order, enable ask for comments, or allow abstentions
Allowing Write-InsAllow voters to submit their own choices
Ballot Design - Ask for CommentsAllow voters to leave comments, feedback and suggestions.
Personalizing your Notices and Ballots with VariablesAdd custom information ballots and notices
Ballot Design - Attaching a File to Positions or QuestionsAdd a file or additional information to a ballot item
Editing and Formatting Ballot TextOptions for ballot text
Adding Multiple Questions on a BallotVote for multiple items on the same ballot
Sort Questions, Positions, or Candidates on the BallotRearrange ballot question or candidate order
Ballot Design - Adding Multiple Candidates to a Ballot QuestionAdding all candidates to your ballot item
Allowing Voters to Abstain on a BallotAllow your voters to choose not to vote on ballot items
Ballot - Voter InstructionsAdd your own instructions, or disable default instructions on a ballot question
Adding a Logo to Your BallotCustomize the ballot with your organization's logo
Ballot Design - Collecting Free Form Responses & CommentsAllow voters to submit only comments on a ballot
Quorum VotingVoters register their votes while abstaining from all choices on the ballot
Hide or Change Administrator Contact Details on the Confirmation PageRemove administrator contact information
Surveys or Polls using Scored VotingCreate survey or poll questions with scored voting
Ballot Design - SlatesApprove or reject a list of candidates
Ballot Design - Yes/No VotingSetting up a Yes or No question
Ballot Design - Bylaw Amendments or Article ChangesCreating ballot questions to either approve or reject a voting item
Ballot Design - Multiple Candidates for Two or more VacanciesElect more than one candidate for a position
Ballot Design - Single Candidate Acclamation for Unopposed CandidatesApprove or Reject a Single Candidate
Proxy Voting SetupAllow voters to transfer their vote to another eligible voter or the voting administrator
Add Emojis on a BallotEmbellish a Ballot using Emojis
Using a Prior Ballot QuestionHow to use an already-created question