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Setting up the ballot
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The ballot page of your vote setup is the reason behind your vote. There are many ways to customize this page, so please be sure to refer to your by-laws to ensure you follow the voting rules established by your organization.


The ballot information and instructions will appear at the top of the ballot. You might like to include information for your voters, such as why the vote is being held, meeting information, when results will be released, etc. You are able to customize this section with variables.

Positions and Questions

The ballot positions and questions are the reason for your vote!

In this section of the ballot page you:

If you're not sure where to start, try a true test question on your ballot! This allows you and your test voters to get a feel for ElectionBuddy's features before building your full ballot:

Question Title

If you have selected one of ElectionBuddy's pre-built questions, you are able to overwrite this information:

Question Details

Add information about this ballot item such as external links, or attach a file up to 5MB.

Default Voter Instructions

These are the default ballot instructions - they can be changed! Type your own ballot instructions in the text box. If you need to translate instructions into multiple languages, add translated instructions here! You will then be able to select 'Disable default voter instructions.'

Ballot Customizations

The final section of the ballot page allows you to:

Ballot Preview

When previewing the ballot, the aim is to run through the ballot from the perspective of your voters to ensure a successful voting experience. Your choices are not recorded - it is purely a simulation to ensure the ballot works.

For more information on this, please review our help article on testing the ballot.

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