For many organizations, a vote may not be valid unless a percentage of voters participate. To assist organizations in maximizing voter participation, ElectionBuddy offers Quorum Voting. This allows voters to vote for quorum purposes only. Voters can register their votes while abstaining from all choices on the ballot within the results.

To enable Quorum Voting on the Ballot Page:

  • Navigate to Advance Ballot Customization near the bottom of the page.

  • Select "Quorum Voting"

Once enabled, this will allow voters to quickly and easily abstain from all choices on the ballot. All the positions and questions will be hidden from the voter and they just have to select continue. The voter then reviews that they abstain from all choices on the ballot, and submits the ballot as usual.

The total votes submitted will reflect the Quorum vote and the results tab will also display how many members abstained.

We recommend Previewing the Ballot once enabled to ensure the voter experience meets your organization's needs and requirements.

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