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Disable default voter instructions and create your own
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ElectionBuddy provides default wording for the voting instructions based on the voting method and the ballot settings (Random Order, Ask for Comments, Write-ins, Abstain) that are enabled for a ballot item. The instructions are based on our experience from holding many votes and we found this wording provides the best outcomes for votes.

Below are the sample default instructions for Plurality Voting with write-ins and abstentions enabled. When using the default instructions, administrators can add additional language to the default instructions by choosing the option "Edit Voter instructions"

There is also the option to disable the default voter instructions and allows administrators to create their own voter instructions. Administrators will type the instructions in the text box and the choice to disable the default voter instructions will populate.

Sample Instructions - Default Voter Instructions Disabled

When disabling the default instructions, we encourage you to test these instructions with colleagues or voters for clarity. This will ensure that voters understand your custom instructions and will complete the ballot correctly. Always test the ballot via the ballot preview!

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