Proxy Voting Setup

Allow voters to transfer their vote to another eligible voter or the voting administrator

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Proxy voting is when someone else is allowed to vote on behalf of a voter by giving their voting rights to another individual. That person may be another voter or a member involved in the administration.

There are two forms of proxy voting that dictate the ballot style and process; Indirect and Direct. This article focuses on Indirect Proxies where a voter assigns the proxy to another to allow them to vote in whatever way they choose.

Not all organizations allow proxy voting, so we recommend checking the organization's bylaws, constitution, and rules.

Setting Up a Vote for Proxy

On the Ballot Page, under “Advanced Ballot Customization“, near the bottom of the page, select Proxy Voting. This will populate 4 choices

  • Transfer to the Vote Administrator only (you)

  • Transfer to Another Member on eligible voters list

  • Transfer both to Vote Administrator and other members on the Voters list

  • Administrators only can transfer voting rights

Enabling Proxy voting activates Emails Notices automatically.

Assign Which Voters Can Be Proxies

On the Voter Page, in the column labelled “Candidate Name”, enter names for only the voters that are available to be a proxy. Those voter’s names will show in a dropdown menu on the live ballot when a voter chooses to transfer their vote to another voter.

The Voter Experience

With Proxy voting enabled, voters will see options at the top of their ballot. “Vote on Ballot” is selected by default.

Depending on the setting you chose, voters can either choose to “Transfer Vote to the Administrator” or “Transfer Vote to Another Voter”. When selecting another voter, the ballot will populate a list of available proxies for your voter can choose from.

Voters are required to finalize their Proxy by selecting “Submit” on the next page.

Transfer Vote to Another Voter

When voters select another voter as their proxy, that person will receive an email asking them to either accept or reject the proxy transfer.

Following the link in their email will allow them to select either “Accept” or “Deny”.

Transfer or Revoke Proxy as Administrator

Administrators can Transfer a vote (assign voting rights to another voter) from the Voters tab of the Results Page.

Selecting “Transfer Vote” will bring up a menu with 3 options on the transfer process.

Administrators can track the status of proxy transfers from the Voter Tab on the Results Page.

If you need to revoke a transfer, you can do this by selecting the voter and then selecting “Revoke Transfer” on the dropdown menu.

Entering Proxy Assigned to Administrator

Administrators enter their proxy vote from the “Actions” menu on the Results dashboard. You only need to enter the vote once as those choices will be the selections for all proxies transferred to the administrator.

The entry process is similar to the voting process, using the same ballot

For information on other Proxy Options please see our Proxy Voting Options article. If you have any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

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