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Embellish a Ballot using Emojis

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Emojis can add a splash of color and customization to a ballot. They can help distinguish between candidates or options and can help make navigating the ballot easier for some voters.

There are several ways to add emojis:

From an Emoji Keyboard

Most computers have a keyboard shortcut that opens an emoji keyboard. For computers that are Windows-based that shortcut is“Windows+ ‘ . ‘ ”

While Macs can either use the shortcut “Command + Control + Space” or from the Finder Menu bar, select Edit and then “Emojis & Symbols” to bring up the menu.

Copy and Paste from Emojipedia

Another option is to use to search for the emoji you’d like to use and copy and paste it onto the ballot.

From, select the emoji you’d like to use on your ballot and then select “Copy”. Then you can either right-click and paste or use your paste shortcut to add it to your ballot.

From a Phone’s Emoji Keyboard

One of the easiest ways to add emojis to your ballot. When typing in a text box on the ballot, swap to the emoji keyboard on either your iPhone or Android and select an emoji.

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