You can use ElectionBuddy to create free form response questions for your voters!


You can set up a free form response by following this process:

  • Start building a new election, and add your election details on the "Details" page of setup

  • Proceed forward to the "Ballot" stage of setup, and click the "+ Add position or question" button.

  • From the window that appears, select "Referendum or Polls". You could also use the "Yes or No" option; you just want to ensure that your voting system is set to "Plurality".

  • When you choose "Referendum or Polls", two options are auto-generated: “Yes - I am in favor of the budget” and “No - I am opposed to the budget”. You should change the wording of these options to better reflect the question you are asking your voters, such as I show in my examples below.

  • While it may seem anti-intuitive to "Abstain" on a free form response — your voters will probably either have suggestions or won't — there may be some that do not want to cast a vote either way, but can still contribute to your quorum. Check "Allow Abstain" to create an abstain option on the ballot to catch some of those extraneous votes.

  • Add information for each of your free form questions by clicking on "Add question information", and adding text which outlines the questions, adding links back to your website, or uploading a document/picture to the ballot.

  • You can also include additional information, or additional instructions, in the "Voter Instructions" box, underneath the "Settings" bar.

Sample Ballots

These are suggested ways that you could present your free form response questions to your voters on the ballot:

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