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List of required {{variables}} in notices

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In each notice template, ElectionBuddy includes default variables based on the setup and features used that auto-populate important and required vote information. This ensures voters receive all the necessary details and access credentials required to access the ballot and cast their vote.

When any of the below variables show in the notices they should not be removed, and changes should not be made between the {{ }} as this will impact the variables auto-populating and result in notice delivery issues.

Required Variables

  • {{ballot_id}} - Each voter's Ballot ID that was included in your voter list.

  • {{election_end_date}} - Vote's current end date.

  • {{election_name}} - Title of the vote.

  • {{election_start_date}} - The vote's start date.

  • {{election_time_zone}} - The vote's time zone that was selected on the Details Page.

  • {{organization_name}} - The organization's name

  • {{results_link}} - Vote's results link, which can be used to view the vote results.

  • {{administrator_email}} - ElectionBuddy account email address.

  • {{adminstrator_name}} - ElectionBuddy account full name

  • {{voter_label}} - Each Voter Label that was included in your voter list.

  • {{weighted_ballot_value}} - Each voter's weighting that was included in your voter list.

  • {{ballot_link}} - Direct link voters use to access their ballot.

  • {{access_link}} - Root link votes can access to enter their voting credential.

  • {{access_key}} - Each unique credential voters use to access their individual ballot.

  • {{meeting_page_link}} - Link voters access all votes presented during a MeetingVote.

  • {{qr_code}} - QR code voters can scan and access their ballot.

Additional information on variables can be found here as well - Personalizing your Notices and Ballots with Variables

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