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Email Confirmation for Submitted Ballots
Email Confirmation for Submitted Ballots

Send a vote confirmation receipt to voters after they have voted

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ElectionBuddy can email a vote confirmation receipt to voters after they cast their ballots. This feature is available for Email Notices.

Why Send Confirmation Emails?

  • Proxy Voting. Emailing a confirmation to your voters is an excellent way to identify unauthorized proxy voting. If your voter receives a confirmation for a ballot they did not submit, they can contact the administrator to remedy the situation.

  • Assurance. Online voting is new to many, and having a confirmation that a vote was received and recorded, is helpful for voters to feel secure in the integrity of the vote. The confirmation code, which can be matched to the vote audit, provides another level of assurance their vote was not altered.

  • Legally Required. Depending on your organization's bylaws, confirmation may be legally required for your vote to be considered valid. For example, many HOAs require email confirmations for online voting.


On the Notice Page, select “Email a receipt to voters” under the Email notice section. When selected, voters will receive a receipt in their email after submitting their ballots.

The confirmation email is written in the primary language selected for the vote, and automatically sent to voters when they complete the submission of their ballot.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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