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Election Setup - Notice Page
Election Setup - Notice Page

How to let others know about your Vote

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Notice - OverviewAn explanation of ElectionBuddy notice types
Notice Delivery - Email, SMS, Postal, Printed, and ManualWhen notices are distributed or are available for distribution
Email Notice SetupSetting up email notices
SMS (Text Message) Notice SetupSend notice to voters via text message
Postal Notices - Mailing a Postcard or Letter with Paper BallotSend a postcard or letter notice to voters without electronic contact information
Paper Ballots - FAQsCommon questions about using ElectionBuddy's paper ballots
Printed Notices and Paper BallotsHow to utilize ElectionBuddy's printed notices and paper ballots
Create Notices Yourself - Distributing Access Keys ManuallyDistribute voter access key information using your own notices
Accommodating Voters Without Email AddressesHow to send notice to voters without an email or SMS
Email Confirmation for Submitted BallotsSend a vote confirmation receipt to voters after they have voted
Advanced Notice CustomizationEditing Notice, Reminder, and Results Templates
Vote Setup - RemindersReserve reminders during your vote setup
Sending Notices Before Your Vote StartsProvide voters with their credentials before a vote starts
Proxy Voting OptionsAllowing voters to assign their vote to someone else
Telephone VotingAccommodating Voters Who Want to Vote Over the Phone
Manual Notice Delivery at Voters RequestSend voters their notice with flexibility on a voter-by-voter basis
Voter Addresses in Printed NoticesEach printed notice is addressed to each voter on the voter list using variables