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Advanced Notice Customization
Advanced Notice Customization

Editing Notice, Reminder, and Results Templates

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For complete customization of the notice text, instead of just the ability to add additional instructions, select the Advanced Customization option on the Notice page. Please note; Advanced Notice Customization is a feature available in our Premium or above price.

Adding Variables to Your Notice Template

Variables can be typed out manually (ex. {{election_name}}), or inserted using the "Variables" box. To insert a variable simply choose the desired one from the “Variables” drop-down menu:

When translating the notice into another language, do not translate the variable names. For example, do not change {{password}} to {{mot_de_passe}} or the value will not be displayed.

Required Notice Variables

You can remove variables by deleting them from the body of the template. However, some variables cannot be removed as they are required during validation. The required variables are

  • {{ballot_link}} or {{Meeting_page_link}}:

  • {{organization_name}}

  • {{election_name}}

Removing one of these variables will cause an error message.

Email Subject Line

Please note that the only variables that can be used in the Email subject line are {{organization_name}} and {{election_name}}:

Content Restrictions

  • When using hyperlinks, you must include http:// or https:// in the link, or the link will not work properly.

  • Emojis and emoticons are not supported.

Variables from Your Voter List

If you are uploading a CSV you can use the columns in your file to generate new variables!

For example, a Voter List with address details can be used to populate address information on the notice, or on any other display area that uses the variable menu.

The "Preview" button will then pull the data from the first line of your voter list to show you what this will look like to your voters.

Previewing Your Template

To see the notice with actual data, select the Preview for the notice type you are editing. The preview will be displayed using data from your Voter List.

Reminder Customization

If you have enabled Advanced Customization for notices, you will automatically be able to customize your reminder emails

Reminders cannot be configured until your vote has started, and are managed from the Actions menu on the Results page, where you monitor your live vote.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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