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Setting up email notices

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ElectionBuddy allows you to send Email notices to the voters. Email notices are extremely convenient for voters and help increase voter turnout.

The Email notice includes either an access link, which will take the voter to a page to enter their access key and password (if required), or a ballot link, which has the voter credentials embedded and takes them directly to the ballot. Either of these can be used to vote instantly from the electronic device.

How to Set Up Email Notices

You will be required to know your voters' email addresses to use Email notices. To set up Email notices:

  • On the Notice Page stage, select "Email notices" and any other notice type you want to use for your vote.

  • You can choose to either send notices as soon as the vote opens, at a future date and time, or even only when voters request individually on a voter-per-voter basis.

  • For voters to receive a receipt in their email after submitting their ballots, select "Email a receipt to voters."

  • To change the "From" name on the emails to your organization's name, select "Use your organization name as the email sender."

  • On the Voters Page, enter the voters' email addresses by importing a CSV file or copying and pasting the information.

Notes About Email Notices

  • If you have made an error in a voter's email address, ElectionBuddy will notify you about the error in the "Voter Status" tab on the Results page when the election is running. Please see Voter List - "Undeliverable" Voter Status for more information.

Please note: You can use more than one notice type for any election - this is called a "multi-channel" election. For example, if you had SMS phone numbers for all your voters but only Email addresses for some of them, you would select both Email and SMS notices, and then when inputting your voter list, including the cell phone numbers that you have, as well as all the email addresses. Voters who have both cell phone number information and email address information will receive notices in both ways, making them all the more likely to vote.

To learn more about on-demand Notices, please see Manual Notice Delivery at Voters Request.

For more information on setting up SMS notices, please see our article SMS (Text Message) Notification Setup.

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