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An explanation of ElectionBuddy notice types

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Using computers or mobile phones is the most common way to vote with ElectionBuddy, but many voters prefer or need, to vote using non-electronic methods. We help you reach all your voters by offering multiple notice types, which you can combine to help increase voter engagement!

Electronic Notices

For electronic notices, delivery depends on when your vote is scheduled to start. Notices are sent out as soon as your vote reaches its scheduled start time. and are a simple, convenient way for your voters to access the ballot.

  • Email notices: your voters will receive their voting credentials and a link to access the ballot. You can customize the notice text, use your organization name as the email sender, and enable email receipts for voters after their ballot is submitted. For more information, please see Email Notice Setup.

  • SMS notices: your voters will receive their voting credentials and a shortened link on their cell phone via text message. There are some restrictions when it comes to editing SMS notices. For more on SMS setup, please see SMS (Text Message) Notification Setup.

Paper Notices

Our paper notices include Printed and Postal notices. Both of these notice types include an additional option for paper ballots, including candidate profiles.

  • Printed notices: when your vote setup is complete, you are given a PDF of voter notices that can be downloaded and printed. These can be distributed at an in-person meeting or via mail to your voters. Printed notices can include a QR code that voters can scan to access their ballot and a link with an access key to get to their ballot. For more information, see Printed Notices and Paper Ballots.

  • Postal notices: ElectionBuddy can send postal notices to voters. The postal notice is in the form of a postcard and contains all the same information that an electronic notice would contain: vote details, voting instructions, and an access link. For more information on postal notices, see Mailing a Postcard or Letter with Paper Ballot

Create Your Own Notices

ElectionBuddy understands that you may want to include voter credentials in a notice you make yourself. When the Create Notices Yourself option is enabled, you will be able to download a file of voter information to distribute through your own methods, such as:

  • Populate a mail merge with your favorite e-newsletter or email program.

  • Your favorite word processing program to create notices for each voter.

  • Include them on annual statements.

  • Call or message the voter directly and pass their voting information along to them.

Please reach out to our Success team using the chat in the lower right-hand corner of the site if you have any questions about our notice types and we will be happy to help.

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