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Voter Addresses in Printed Notices
Voter Addresses in Printed Notices

Each printed notice is addressed to each voter on the voter list using variables

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While electronic voting can be convenient for many, it may not be accessible to everyone. Printed Notices and Paper Ballots offer an inclusive voting option for all voters which allows you to print and mail or print for voter pickup or print and complete at an office or polling station that doesn't have a computer.

To include voter address information on the printed notice, you use Address Variables. Address Variables are a great feature that allows you to personalize notices to include each voter's mailing address. This saves significant time and effort if your organization will be distributing the Notices by postal mail.

If you are interested in having ElectionBuddy mailing notices and ballots on your behalf please see Postal Notices - Notify Voters by Mailing a Postcard or Letter with Paper Ballot.

Adding Voter Mailing Addresses

  • On the Notice Page, select "Printed Notices" along with any other notice types.

  • Select the box "Include Voter Address".

  • In the Printed Notice template, use the "Variables" drop-down menu to show a list of variables available to add. For faster access, the variable can be searched.

  • Add mailing address variables in the top left of the notice template to auto-populate each voter's mailing information when printed. Preview the Notice to ensure the positioning is accurate.

    • {{voter_address_name}}

    • {{voter_address_line1}}

    • {{voter_address_line2}}

    • {{voter_address_city}}

    • {{voter_address_state}}

    • {{voter_address_zip}}

    • {{voter_address_country}}

  • On the Voters Page, enter the voter's addresses in the respective column in the voter list. To validate the vote list, at least 1 voter will need an address entered.

Preview Example

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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