It is extremely important to ensure that you have extra access keys available for your election. This is because you may:

  • have new voters because people will join your organization after the election start date

  • be unsure of the correct email address of a voter, so you have left them off the voter list.

Or, for whatever reason, you may simply need to offer a voter a second shot at voting.

Additional access keys cannot be added once your election is live. Therefore, we recommend reserving, at minimum, enough access keys to equal 10% of your voter list. So, for example, if you had 100 total voters, we would recommend that you also reserve 10 extra access keys.

How to Add Extra Access Keys

  1. Proceed to the "Voters" page of your election setup.

  2. Scroll down to the "Voter Information" section. You will see a section called "Extra Voters":

  3. Enter the number of access keys you want to reserve in the white box.

For instructions on how to use these keys to add voters to your election, please see our article on adding additional voters after your election has started.

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