Every voter that participates in an ElectionBuddy vote is assigned an Access Key. Reserving more Access Keys than voters helps you respond to situations in which a new voter needs access after you've finalized your setup.

Situations in which new voters need to be added:

  • Members who join your organization after the votes start date need to vote

  • Voters left off the initial voter list due to incomplete contact information

  • You allow voters to spoil ballots and must re-issue new ballots

We recommend reserving, enough access keys to equal 5% to 10% of your voter list. For example, if you had 100 total voters, we recommend you reserve 10 additional Access Keys.

A full accounting of how these additional Access Keys are reserved and used is available in your vote audit.

How to Reserve Access Keys

  • Proceed to the Voters page of your setup.

  • Under "Additional Voters" you can designate the number of Access Keys to reserve.

For instructions on how to use these keys to add voters to your vote, please see our article on Adding Voters after a Vote has Started

When running test votes, you will not be able to reserve additional keys. You will have access to up to 5 total voters, which includes the voters on the voter list and additional access keys.

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