Sometimes one or more members of your organization share one email address, but each are entitled to cast a vote. This is common when multiple individuals from one family are members.

Voters are typically listed on the voter list by their contact information, such as an email address or mobile phone number. ElectionBuddy will use each voter's contact information as their unique identifier. If unique identifiers are entered in the voting list more than once, ElectionBuddy will register them as duplicates:

Using Ballot IDs as Unique Identifiers

You can assign Ballot IDs to your voters to become their unique identifier. ElectionBuddy will register the Ballot ID as the unique identifier instead of the voter's contact information so you can use duplicate pieces of contact information without them being flagged:

Each Ballot ID on the voter list will receive an access key and a notice will be emailed to the email address associated with each Ballot ID.

Voter Labels

Because one email address will receive two or more emails, we also recommend adding Voter Labels to your voter list to ensure voters are clear on which person each email is being sent to.

Learn more at Voter Labels.

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