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Last 3 votes cast show as "Not Voted"
Last 3 votes cast show as "Not Voted"

Learn more about this security feature to protect voter anonymity

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Voter anonymity on a Secret Ballot is very important, so what you are seeing is a security feature designed to protect voter anonymity by preventing the administrator from making a connection between the most recent voter and the candidate or option that received the most recent vote.

The Administrator Access to Results setting determines when the administrator can view the results. When you have selected "Anytime after voting starts" it allows you to view the results during your running vote.

When selected, the last 3 voters who have submitted ballots will have a Not Voted status on the Results Page, even though they have voted.

  • Once a voter is no longer one of the last three votes cast, their status will update to "Voted"

  • When the vote closes, the last three voters who cast a vote will update to "Voted"

Viewing the Results Page During Your Vote

When viewing your Results Page during your vote:

  • A message is displayed to remind you the last three votes cast won't change to "Voted" until voting ends

  • The number of ballots submitted will be higher than the number of voters showing as Voted, as shown in the below example, where 5 ballots are submitted, but only 2 voters show as "Voted"

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