During your election, you can see the status of the votes that have been cast on the Voters Tab of the Results Page. Refresh the page to see updated information as voting progresses.

The status of the voters can be filtered with the Status and Notice Type drop-down menus. You can also use the search function to search for voters.

Please refer to the definitions below for the meaning of each possible voter status:


The election administrator spoiled the ballot before the voter submitted it.

Voted, Spoiled

The ballot was spoiled by the administrator after it was submitted.


ElectionBuddy wasn't able to send the email/SMS/postal notice because of an error.


The ballot has been submitted.

Not Voted

The notice is delivered, but the voter hasn't submitted the ballot.

Please note, notices can sometimes be sent to a voters Junk/Spam folder.

Opened, Not Voted

The voter has opened the ballot but hasn't submitted it.


The notice is queued.


You're using manual access keys but a key hasn't been assigned to a voter yet.

Key Surfaced

The election administrator surfaced a voter's access key.


The notice has been printed.


The voter has selected Unsubscribe on their email notice or they have been unsubscribed because they marked our emails as spam; please note that unsubscribed voters can still vote in the election but won't receive any more emails about the election.

Ballot Printed, Key Surfaced

The election administrator has printed the voter's ballot for the voter; Key Surfaced is also displayed because the access key is included on the printed ballot.

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